Work Days

Please note the following from Maria:

Since July we have been permitted to hold a work morning with guidelines in place. Numbers are limited to six volunteers only. Advertising the work morning is not permitted but they are held on the last Saturday of every month except August and December.  At the moment Maria contacts our list of regular  volunteers with time and place on a  first come, first served basis. If anyone wishes to be added to our list of volunteers please contact: Sadly some volunteers miss out as only 6 volunteers are permitted each time.
The guidelines below must be followed by each volunteer:

  • please don’t come along if you are ill
  • bring hand sanitiser with you
  • wear gloves and strong boots or shoes
  • observe social distancing at all times
  • do not share tools or leave them unattended
  • do not just come along without registering

In the meantime I want to thank so many FOCHW members and residents for continuing to care for Croham Hurst Woods. Many clear up litter daily and others advise me of any anti-social issues. Despite increased footfall the Hurst looks magnificent and is a lifeline for us all during these difficult times. It is a Site of Scientific Interest and a Centre for Nature Conservation. We are lucky to have such beauty and nature on our doorstep. Please help us to continue caring for our woodland by taking home your litter – it is harmful to our wildlife.

Fires are a real threat and are not permitted. Carelessness destroyed scarce heathland on the top of the Hurst in 2017 in a serious fire.  We have been working hard to restore the heathland with some success.  Also cycling is not permitted here. The surface in places is very fragile and cycling is causing damage.

There is so much to enjoy in a place of peace, beauty, birdsong and a haven for some animals and I  hope you all continue to enjoy this very special place.

It is shameful that our last bench in the meadow funded by members of FOCHW was stolen over the summer. If anyone has any information about this please let me know.

We are  very lucky to have such a wonderful ancient woodland on our door step and if you want to help please contact Maria.  You will have noticed the regeneration works happening now in the Hurst. Funded through the generosity of FOCHW and the Forestry Commission it is already making a striking difference.  Thanks to all our members for their support.


Pictured below are some of the many volunteers who regularly attend the work days. Thanks to you all.

work day