A message from Maria – our Chair.

In these terrible times our green spaces are more important than ever. Croham Hurst Woods have always been a lifeline for me through times of sadness and difficulty. In our life time it has never been so important to all of us to help with our physical and mental health during lockdown. The stunning effects of recent works clearing invasive holly funded by FOCHW and the Forestry Commission are striking. It’s great that many more people are enjoying the Hurst now on a regular basis and that so many continue to look after it on their daily walk. However, if anyone sees anti-social behaviour that worries them the police advice is to call 101 or 999. There is a daily Croydon police minibus whose officers will respond to Covid 19 incidents or concerns.

Enjoy the beauty and all nature has to offer and stay safe.

Until 1901 the Hurst was owned by the Whitgift Foundation, but a proposal to build on it caused such public outrage that it was sold to Croydon Council.

Since 2002 Friends of Croham Hurst Woods have served the woodland in many ways:

  • Helped the rare, endangered pale St John’s Wort by clearing 30 years of scrub
  • Recreated the meadow shown on old maps
  • Designed and funded the Information Boards
  • Erected new benches

In addition, in  2012 we funded a major conservation project – the removal of one hectare of holly which had become too invasive.   And we publish two newsletters a year which enables members to keep up-to-date.

As of February / March 2015 another tranche of holly was removed which opens up parts of the woodland to light, warmth and regeneration. The contractors are using a machine used in bog work to help protect the soil surface. Below is a picture of our Chairman Maria with the very large bog machine! In November/December 2016 another large tranche was removed so the woodland is looking much lighter and brighter.


The view from the top of the Hurst has also been opened up and many positive comments have been received. (Photo courtesy of Douglas White).


 In 2017, and with grateful thanks to all members of FCHW,  another tranche of holly was removed  on the Upper Selsdon Road side.  Access for machinery has always been a problem here but the contractors carried out the work by hand. This will have many beneficial effects especially  in the meadow where there are already bees, butterflies and lizards.  It will be most interesting to see what else may make their home there over the coming years.
The removal of holly is continuing year on year and now in 2020, thanks to members of FOCHW this work continues with wonderful results.

A sunny day

A not so sunny day in July 2018:


Fire fighting…………..

You can see more images on the tab “Fire 2018”.