Our group is now made up of 153 households many of which have more than two members. While we ask £10 from each member (agreed at our first AGM) we are grateful for any contribution and many members give more. The funds we hold are spent on regeneration projects like clearing the bank of scrub, recreating the meadow, clearing invasive holly and improvement projects like the Information Boards and benches.

Members help us in so many ways: on our committee; joining in on our work days (which are every last Saturday in the month, except August and December); paying a yearly subscription; and delivering our newsletter. We hope that all this work ensures that the woodland is there for future generations.


The Spring equinox this year fell on 20 March, the midway point between mid-winter and mid-summer and we are getting extra minutes every day of daylight.
Because plants need water, light, and warmth to grow, the extra daylight each week is the reason why spring is the season when the garden bursts into life.
The showery weather gives plants the water they need to thrive. The longer days mean they have more daylight and warmth from the sun which raises the temperature of both the air and the soil.
So with the grass going crazy at least the evenings are getting longer and when the clocks go forward at the end of March there will again be plenty of time to get out and cut the lawn after work.

And recently there have been various articles in the newspapers about how just a 20 minute walk in the fresh air can help relieve stress.  Here is one of the articles:

Bank on Upper Selsdon Road