Our group is now made up of 153 households many of which have more than two members. While we ask £10 from each member (agreed at our first AGM) we are grateful for any contribution and many members give more. The funds we hold are spent on regeneration projects like clearing the bank of scrub, recreating the meadow, clearing invasive holly and improvement projects like the Information Boards and benches.

Members help us in so many ways: on our committee; joining in on our work days (which are every last Saturday in the month, except August and December); paying a yearly subscription; and delivering our newsletter. We hope that all this work ensures that the woodland is there for future generations.


This year the autumn equinox fell on 22 September so now until 21 December the daylight hours will now grow shorter than night.  These are all astronomical events thanks to the tilt of of the earth’s axis. And as for the weather the autumn equinox acts only as a landmark in the changing seasons, although it is a time feared by sailors for gales. The equinoctial gales are a bit of a myth, though, because the number of storms gradually increases  through autumn 🍂.

However, auroras grow more frequent around the time of the equinox and there are usually stunning ones to be seen around the Arctic Circle and sometimes nearer to home at this time. So keep a look out !